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Marketing Creativity Spotted Sensations

Go Where Opportunity Can See You

I recently settled down with my children for a showing of Mary Poppins. It’s been a few years since I had seen it last, and I love to revisit a classic. In it, (the character) Bert says,

“What did I tell ya? There’s the whole world at your feet. And who gets to see it? But the birds, the stars and the chimney sweeps.”

I’m often talking about perspective. I’m fortunate to live high on a mountain right now, and right beside me in my own back yard? An even higher peak. I hike it often, especially on beautiful days, for the view and perspective it offers.

When you work from home, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of your own four walls. Spaciousness is a value in my life, and for me, small spaces = small ideas. There’s something about climbing above the noise, being still, and watching the motion of the world beneath you.

Even if you don’t have your own personal mountain to climb, close your eyes and adopt a bird’s eye view of the day you’re facing. Allow your mind to rise above the noise, and imagine the whole world at your feet.

Instant Digital Downloads for Your Etsy Shop

If you’ve ever created a downloadable product, you’ll know what a hassle it is to sell it on Etsy! You can’t offer instant download, as you can on other marketplaces or your own website. Instead, you have to email every file sold after the sale. But, not anymore!

Craft Hub

{I learned about this from Handmadeology.} I’m not using it (yet), but Craft Hub connects with your Etsy shop and enables instant email downloads to your paying customers (perfect for e-books, patterns, and tutorials). Easy Peasy!

Submit Your Shop for Increased Exposure

I love to talk about all the free opportunities to get your products seen! Here’s a list of places to submit, sparked by my latest find, 20 Best 20. These blogs are actively looking for products and sellers to feature:

Kind Mentions
Friendly Hosts

I’ve been guest posting! Here’s what:

A Special Message Just for You

Oracle cards are a big part of my life, and the Soul Purpose set by Sonia Choquette are my favorite. If you’re not familiar, oracle cards contain guidance and encouraging messages. If you’re a believer, like me, you shuffle the deck and pull a card that reads the information or advice you’re needing to hear in that moment.

The above quote, “You Can Make a Career of Living Happily Ever After” came from the Law of Attraction cards I keep on my iPad. It was so perfectly what I needed to hear the day I pulled it.

These cards are a valuable source of guidance in my life, so I thought, why not pull a card to end this post and see how you all respond. Take it or leave it. Just before I published this article, I asked aloud, “What does the person reading this post need to know right now?” and pulled a card. The answer was …

Grieve Your Losses

Are you grieving over lost opportunities? Do you languish over the mistakes you made that caused such loss? Do you think that you blew your chances and fear that they won’t come again? Are you feeling lost due to poor choices and can’t seem to find yourself?

If so, you’re on to something. It’s true that some of the choices you’ve made in life have had disastrous consequences, but it’s important to accept this–not to punish yourself indefinitely, but to teach yourself not to repeat these decisions in the future.

Your soul’s purpose right now is to grieve your mistakes fully so that you can learn from the resultant losses.

Your soul’s lesson: Give yourself a proper cycle to express sorrow for your errors in judgement, including anger, despair, depression, and loss … and then move on. Permanent mourning creates permanent loss.

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  1. Great post Lisa, as always. Just wanted to say I submitted my shop to 20 Best Twenty, and ended up with them for a couple of months, and I absolutely loved my experience there, and if I have the opportunity, would do it again. I was so happy to see them at the top of the list you suggest to all of your readers! Cheers-Bonnie

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