Shop Handmade for Your Home Office

1. Home office inspiration: Into the Light | 2. Ganesha is the Hindu God of Success and this print comes from The Wheatfield | 3. Amanda of Wit and Whistle is an upcoming interviewee, and these chevron-striped notecards are available at the Etsy shop | 4. I love the @ sign for representing my online business, and this wall decor is available at Slippin Southern | 5. You can get tons of simple and inexpensive containers, like this Honey Jar at the wonderful supply website, Save on Crafts

What is your favorite handmade item in your office?

Until next time and all the best~



  1. I bought a print from a blogging/Etsy friend, that states: ‘Start from wherever you are’ and it hangs in the area of my home I use for my Etsy business. For me, it’s a great reminder, encouragement, to not worry too much about what I don’t know, haven’t done – but to move forward, let myself be nudged in new directions and have faith in myself. Great items you found…now I just need a whole new room! 🙂
    ps…I smile whenever I see your list of favorite clicks … thank you!

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