Graphics, Typography, Font, Oh MY!

I’ve become typography-obsessed. From simple quotes to elaborate posters, it’s all I can see right now! My obsession started three weeks ago as I was planning for the upcoming manifesto and e-course for Marketing Creativity. I knew I would need a cover, and I hoped to have the entire program graphically designed. However, I’ve worked with professionals before, and I worried that having hundreds of pages arranged might be a costly project. As the overzealous (D)o-(I)t-(Y)ourself-er that I am, I wondered what it would take to design my own graphics.

$12.99 and a week’s worth of practice later, I have created my own e-covers, as well as all of the graphics you see in this post.

I’m using Artboard {exclusive for the Mac, the price for this app has since gone up to $16.99}. If you have a Mac computer and you’re interested in creating your own graphics and typography posters, I urge you to  give this software a test drive: Artboard free trial.

Finding Artboard was such a relief, because I thought I’d need something as advanced as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create the simple graphics I desired. (Products in the Adobe Creative Suite family are probably what most of the pros are using.) Adobe’s software is also available for free-trial, and I tried my hand at Illustrator but found it to be too complex, way above my needs, and far beyond my skill level.

{If you’re on a PC and know of any graphic design software you’re willing to share, please leave a comment and a link on this post. Sketchbook Pro might be a good and affordable option. }


Once you have a basic software to practice with, you’ll of course need some free fonts and graphics to use! Here are 26 of my favorite fonts {sources are linked below the graphic}:

Bergamot Ornaments | Subway Novella | Veggieburger | a song for jennifer | Simplesnails | Carolyna Words | LemonChicken | Budmo | KG Heart Doodles | Riesling | Sail | Scribble Box | MTF i heart sketches | Mountains of Christmas | Kid’s Alphabet | Pottery Barn | Albemarle Swash | Champagne & Limousines | Made with B | Arwen | Respective & Respective Swashes | Let Me Ride | Things We Said | The World is Yours | Typo Garden Demo


I haven’t used graphics in any of my designs yet, but here are a few resources I found in my search for free clip art {sources are linked below the graphic}:

Free graphics

Cute little bear by Pumpkins & Posies | Vintage Sun by The Graphics Fairy | Balloons from Freepik | Fox by Find Icons | Cupcakes by Angie Makes | Vintage kitchen icons and more from Iconspedia |Star Background from My Cute Graphics

Typography, Oh my!

Since I’m not a designer, I’m constantly on the look out for new inspiration. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to typography. I love the way a simple quote can be turned into a pretty picture by using different colors and sizes of font. I enjoy the fancy work I find, with all of the swirls and curls of practiced design, but I’m happy that simple shapes cover my own needs for now.

To demonstrate how just simple it can be, I’ve attached a screen recording where I create a basic typography graphic. In this video, you’ll also see how I create chevron stripes using Artboard.

Creating a Basic Typography graphic using Artboard {Mac}

As you can see, my blog’s sidebar is now full of self-created graphics, and my e-reports all have click-able cover photos! After I had a collection of designs, I had to learn how to code them to link to destinations and documents. Below is a short video that demonstrates how to add HTML code to your images using WordPress {which is free and very simple to do}.

How to Convert an Image into HTML code for free

More Resources

Want to link a downloadable product to your graphic? Check out:

Don’t want to make your own? You can download free prints and more from these wonderful design blogs:

I’m new to all of this, so please share any tips and advice! What would you add to this article? Leave a comment! Until next time and all the best ~



  1. Thanks Lisa I’ve already downloaded Artboard, looking forward to working with it.

  2. Omgoodness! So much to look at, unbelievable resources. It’s going to take me all day to See it all. Thank you, thank you! Have to find the person who gave me the link to you – have to give her a great big hug!!

  3. been wondering about this … thanks for the great post!

  4. Thanks for posting this! Now I just need to find the time to play with all these goodies! : )

  5. I have used GIMP on my PC for awhile now. It is free and very comparable to Photoshop. It is a little bit complicated but there are countless GIMP tutorials out there. I LOVE it!

  6. Love this post…I too have been a long time fan of typography and fonts! A student I had about 4 jobs ago & I used to always say, “papers, pens and fonts” when we’d share a geeky moment admiring one or all of the above. You shared some awesome resources I am going to have to check out! Nice graphics you made – I really like how they look!

  7. LOVE this. Just downloaded pretty much every font. Thanks for sharing!

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