Spotted Sensations

Create Stationery with the Martha Stewart CraftStudio App. Get it FREE until 7/8.

1. Stationary software:: Martha Stewart CraftStudio App {Free until July 8, 2012}

The image above is an example of how you can create stationary with this app (mine’s downloading as I write this!). It’s only free for a limited time, so have at it.

2. If you’ve ever wondered how they antique and color and style all the wonderful photographs you find in blogs and the handmade marketplace, you will love this post.

The Creative Place:: on photoshop action sets. I just found this blog, and I was thrilled to see this simple break-down of Photoshop effects. As I said in the comments,

“This is the most helpful post on Photoshop that I’ve ever seen! I have a decent camera, but I have always been overwhelmed by the Photoshop software. Even though I look at great photographs and wonder, how’d they DO that, I stay away from the program. Thank you for naming these effects and showing the examples. Simple, yet so informative!”

3. This article from Social Triggers about creating repeat customers will make you think about how to keep your own customers coming back for more:

How to Turn New Customers into Repeat Customers (the secret is this one experiment)

4. I have a crush on farm life, and I’ve decided to live vicariously through Alexandra at Terra Dei Farm. I was browsing Twitter (I’m @_LisaJacobs_ and she’s @TerraDeiFarm) when she posted an article featuring this quote:

Learning to Do,

Doing to Learn,

Earning to Live,

Living to Serve.

I’ve fallen in love with this motto. Thank you, Alexandra.

5. Procrastinate much? If so, please read:: How to Lower the Bar and Create Bigger Wins by Pick the Brain. My favorite piece of advice: “There is no failure–only learning … What you used to call failure is just data collection.”

6. I was browsing the blogosphere when I stumbled across this helpful article by Meagan Visser, How to Create a Press Kit for Your Business. Do you have a press kit for your business?


7. Typography Pinspiration

I have become completely obsessed with font and typography. I spent the last week learning how to do it, and though I’m not a graphic designer, I’m making it happen. I found the software to make simple designs like these for less than $15.  After a little practice, I created the cover for a free report I’m offering (shown left). I’m going to share what I’ve learned and teach you how to do the same in an upcoming post.

Stay Tuned! Until next time and all the best~



  1. Great post – so many gems! I will have to come back and follow all the links when I have a quiet minute and a beverage 😉 Thanks for pulling all this great advice/info together for us!

  2. Candida Killworth says:

    Hi Lisa! How about a link to the typography program you are using. I’m a bit obsessed myself!

    • Hi Candida, I know how you feel! I’m actually creating a video series to show off the program I’m using and what I’ve learned. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned 🙂

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