Etsy Shop Suspended! What You Need to Know

I’m discussing what to do if your shop is suspended, exclusively for Handmadeology here:

Etsy Shop Suspended! What You Need to Know

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Update: This article was also discussed in the Wall Street Journal. Join the conversation!


  1. This was a really eye-opening post. Thanks for sharing your insight…makes me want to take a little time and go over the Etsy rules a little more closely!

    Hope things work out well for you!

    • Thank you, Malaika! All the best to you ❤

      • Hi Lisa!

        Thank you for posting this. My shop was suspended today. Although, I’m really mad and bummed, it’s a relief to know that I’m not alone. Your tips are going to be a big help in moving forward.

        I was wondering if you could contact me so I can find out more about starting my own website. My email is

        Hope to hear from you soon.

        – Grace

      • Hi Grace,
        Thank you for your comment. Please visit the Handmadeology article linked above, where I list the steps in building your own website and taking charge of your small business. All the best!

  2. My shop was just suspended today too. I’m freaking out because I have no idea why. I was in the middle of creating a listing. It says I’m supposed to check my email but they have sent me nothing. We had actually just hit a goal I had set for our shop when we opened it 1 1/2 years ago.

    • Hi Patty, sorry you’re dealing with this! If you don’t receive an email, it may just be a technical (and temporary) glitch. Keep checking and good luck!

  3. This is just horrid! I have been reading more and more things like this from all over the world and I am really concerned. I don’t want to just close up shop, but I do want to be in charge of my own destiny. This is a high priority for me. I will be checking out all those links. Thank you for sharing your story! Enjoy the day.

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