How to Effectively Use Keywords to Help Your Customers Find You


In the current Market Your Creativity (MC) Group, we’re talking about product titles. A lot of advice you read about your handmade shop tells you to stuff the title and first paragraph of the listing full of relevant keywords so that you’ll be found by a customer’s search. I don’t pretend to fully understand search engine optimization (SEO), which is why I rarely write about it.

I usually visit for advice when I’m looking into the subject. They offer me the suggestions I need so that I’ll know enough to get by. For example:

Increasing Your Etsy Traffic and Sales with Proper SEO

8 Simple Steps to SEO

I also like the simplicity of this article by Business Insider:

10 Basic SEO Tips to Get You Started

In the MC Group I mentioned, we do weekly brainstorming sessions. As a group, we huddle together for one shop and we come up with as many ideas and as much positive feedback as we possibly can. Then, I come through the shop with a fine-tooth comb offering suggestions, examples, and advice. At the end of the week, I combine all of that research and information into a pretty package for the group participant and we move on to the next shop.

One of the things I’m noticing about our group is that they have read some of the same SEO advice that I have. You know a shop owner has learned about SEO if their product title looks like this:

“One of a kind handmade jewelry gemstone beaded bracelet for spiritual enlightenment, meditation, and trendy stacking arm candy”

We’ve all seen titles like this, or tried to post something like it at one time or another. 🙂 And I understand why you’re using so many keywords in your listing titles. However, when I come through your shop, I come with the mindset of a customer, and all of those keywords confuse my buying mind. When I read eight keywords in the item title, I no longer know what I’m shopping for and it gives me the impression that you don’t know what you’re selling, either.

Keywords are important, and I use them at the Energy Shop. However, I don’t use all of them in each title. I’ll call one bracelet “Zen”, the next one “Yoga”, the next one “Energy”, and the next one “Spiritual”, etc. My shop is full of keywords to attract those who are looking, but my titles are clear and concise for the buyers who are shopping.

Energy Shop Pink Opal and Gold Lotus

Take the above bracelet as an example. If you were a paying customer, would you be more interested in a:

Spiritual Zen Energy Yoga Beaded Stretch Bracelet Wrist Malas for Meditation in Pink Opal with Gold Lotus Charm

-or a:

Pink Opal Yoga Bracelet with Gold Lotus

The first example makes me think of a desperate shop owner hoping that anyone will come look at their products. The second example peaks my curiosity and I think about buying. This bracelet is actually called, “Pink Opal and Gold Lotus Yoga Bracelet.” Those are all keywords that bring traffic to my shop. Another bracelet I have up is titled, “Power Bead Amazonite and Pave Swarovski Crystal Bracelet.” This has more keywords that drive more traffic. Yet another, “Clear Quartz Spiritual Bracelet with Om Charm” has even more keywords.

You see, I’m using all of my favorite 50 keywords throughout my shop, just not all in the same title. My customers probably don’t even notice that they’re there, and that’s the way it should be! To use your keywords effectively, spread them throughout your shop while keeping the message clear for the buyer.

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