How to Earn 100 New Customers for Your Etsy Shop This Month: Part 3

I want to start off with my favorite quote from the book, Think and Grow Rich  (Also known as “the secret behind The Secret” which, by the way, is on sale for your e-reader at only 95 cents!):

“You must climb to where opportunity can see you.”

That quote is a refresher from part 1, when I asked that you keep an open mind, because possibility and opportunity depend on it. I told you that I set an intention and created the affirmation, “I have 100 new customers by October 31, 2011.” In part 2, I explained how I used paid advertising to gain about 60 new customers. This is the final installment of the series and the key to the rest of my new customers was ….

The Groupon-like website for handmade:

The statistics that come back from Heartsy-generated sales are hard to measure right away, but I was featured on the site for the first time back in February. I wrote about  it for Handmadeology, and I promised to share the numbers when everyone asked, “Was it worth it?” Now, you can be the judge!

Before I get into numbers, let me say that I had very little reservation to do Heartsy, even when it was a brand-new site. At least half of my profits are reinvested back into my business and I spend money to advertise, so I view Heartsy as guaranteed sales and exposure.

As I’m writing this, Heartsy has 14,404 Facebook fans. I’ve heard other sellers ask, “How can you afford to do this?” But, when I see the chance to show my work to 14,000 people, my only question is, “How can I afford not to?”  On my most recent feature, my shop had more than 2,000 views directly from the Heartsy site.

Several months ago, I was one of the first sellers on Heartsy, and at the time the deals were about 53% off the voucher price. My first deal was $19 for $40 store credit and I sold 25 vouchers.

During my February run, customers spent a total of $216.50 over their voucher amount. This is an average extra sale amount of $8.66 per customer. If you add that amount to each customer’s order, it’s equivalent to hosting a sale at 43% discount. Granted, the discounts at Heartsy today are deeper, and the customers are savvier, but the site’s reach has grown and it’s a reasonable price to pay for that exposure.

Total Intake, February 2011: $691.50 for the 25 vouchers ($19 each) plus the sales overage.

Retail Value of that Product: $1,216.50

Total Discount: 43%

Repeat customers from the Heartsy deal: 5*

*One Heartsy shopper went on to become one of my best customers, placing 13 additional orders since February! She alone was worth my first deal.

So far, my deal in October has brought in a slightly higher sales overage, and I sold 54 vouchers this time at $10 for $21 credit (or $31 VIP). I paid $1 per voucher sold,* so I brought in $9 for each. Although my latest offer was a much deeper discount because many buyers were VIP (34 out of the 54), because of the higher sales overage, I’m anticipating a total discount of about 50-55%.

This says nothing about what that volume of sales does for a jewelry shop, like mine, that thrives on collectors who are always looking for new products and styles. By the time my Heartsy feature arrives, I’m always sure to be over-stocked and prepared for big movement on my virtual shelves! I use up my older materials and feature listings in which my regular customers have lost interest.

Want to be featured? Sign up at Heartsy, read over their brochure, and when applying, be sure to include your best photos of product that you predict having in stock when your feature goes live (could be 3-6 weeks after negotiations). *Heartsy charges for: vouchers priced at less than $10: $1; Vouchers priced at less than $20: $2; and Vouchers priced at more than $20: $3. When your sale goes live and vouchers start selling, your payments are available instantly through a private link Heartsy has set up with Paypal. I’ve had two terrific runs with Heartsy, and I can hardly wait for my next feature.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series and I wish you the best of luck. Until next time!


  1. Ugh… tried applying for Heartsy so many times… jewelry is just so competitive. Even with loads of “yes” votes and 100% positive feedback I haven’t been accepted.

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