Are You Investing for the Future of Your Business?

Ask us if we’re investing for our future, and many of us will say, “Yes!” Whether we’re saving for our dream home, our children’s college tuition, or our retirement, we plan ahead. We have personal goals and outlandish dreams, and we visit them often. But, how many of us have such a focused visualization of our business’ future?

When it comes to the Energy Shop, well, I’m just happy to be here. I didn’t plan to make 1,400 sales in the first year, mostly I developed a marketing strategy by the seat of my pants. I’m still running on a day-to-day basis. I don’t have the next 6 months figured out, let alone a five-year plan. Whereas, in my personal life, I have my priorities aligned for the next 10 years.

I recently read an article that inspired the question, “If you were given $20,000 to invest in your business, what would you do with it?” Truthfully, I know what I’m going to say to my customers on Facebook tomorrow, but I realized I wouldn’t know where to start with a hefty investment. However, as soon as your business is off the ground and running, it’s time to think long-term. Because I’m constantly dreaming of what my forever home will look like, and what my neighbors will do, and who will come visit for the holidays . . .  I realized it was time to have a detailed picture of what my small business will one day become. Savings don’t just happen for people–they come with careful planning and budgeting.

I’ve spent this last week deciding what I would do with my $20,000. Just imagining this money coming into my possession has got my creative juices flowing. As an example, I would start by investing in my own personal office equipment. I currently share everything with my family. I can’t tell you how wonderful it would feel to turn on my printer without waiting for a long que of Nick Jr. coloring pages to print, or to open my internet browser for a quick fact without finding somebody has logged me out of my gmail account … again.

My list turned out to be full of things that I not only want, but need in order for the Energy Shop to continue growing and expanding. This prompted a new business budget–one in which I take care of my monthly expenses AND set aside a savings amount toward my goals. I prioritized and numbered each item on my list, so I don’t have to wait until I have $20,000 to start achieving my goals, I can start attaining them as soon as I save enough to purchase the first item on the list. Energy Shop-owned computer, here I come!

What would you do with $20,000 for your business?

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