Where Does Success Come From?


I’m experiencing beautiful success with my spirited little store: The Energy Shop on Etsy. I am grateful for the opportunity to design jewelry for people every day! In fact, I just came into a rare and momentary lull in production where I am able to sit down and really let all the good stuff that has happened in the last year sink in. The Energy Shop belongs to me, it is my business to nurture and raise, and if you have your own shop or small business, I’m sure you are able to relate–especially if you feel like it’s winning. But have you ever asked yourself, where did that win come from?

I know one thing for sure: if I had developed a business five years ago, it would have flopped. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for almost 11 years now, but I know the Energy Shop never would have fit in my life ten years ago. It would’ve been premature even five years ago! I don’t wish for a headstart, even with all my spare time at home. Why? Because I didn’t know myself well enough for success. I didn’t know what I loved, I didn’t know what my passions were … it just hadn’t come together for me yet. If I would have started a business five years ago, the motivation would have been money. I would have researched what makes money, and tried to do that. I would have learned to craft a product that I thought would earn a profit. I would have started an emotionless, machine-like production of said product, and the business would have tanked.

Now, as I look back on the last five years, there were so many seeds planted for the Energy Shop–little tickles of what would one day be: a fascination with the meaning of crystals, a love of wearing bracelets on my wrist, an interest in people’s energy and personal affirmations, and a newfound practice in blogging, where I discovered a site for handmade shops called Etsy (every blogger seemed to have one 🙂 ). I didn’t need just one of those seeds, I needed all of them, and each helped shape the blooming of a perfect shop for me. In fact, the Energy Shop is me, it represents my appreciation of this amazing Life.

So, where did my success come from? It came from nowhere and everywhere. It’s in you, just awaiting release–but only at the perfect moment and time. And what if it’s not happening for you right now? Relax and assess what is working. Why? I’m going to take a fantastic quote from Bethenny Frankel, “Because scared money never wins. When you walk into a casino and you need to win to make the rent, you will lose. When you walk in just to have fun, that’s when good things happen.”

The point is to have fun. And if you’re not having fun right now, ask yourself WHY THE HELL NOT. Maybe you’re forcing something that doesn’t fit. Maybe you don’t understand yourself well enough to know what brings you great passion. Maybe you’re doing something for all the wrong reasons. And, if you need a little help getting started, please enjoy 50% off my newly released Success Series–it’s short, but filled with valuable research materials that will help you achieve your best life. If you don’t know what your personal success looks like, how will you know when you’ve arrived?

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