Yes! ♪ It’s the Most ♫ Wonderful Posts ♫ of the Month ♪ –Volume 4

1. Etsy has released their July merchandising report, and whether you sell there or not, these are always chock-full of creative sparks and useful information:

From Etsy’s Merchandising Desk: July

2. Feeling a “summer slow” or business rut? Check out this advice from

Shift Your Mindset, Save Your Business

3. I get a lot of questions on blogging, and while I love and adore writing small business on Marketing Creativity, she has a neglected sister: my personal blog where I sometimes talk Energy Shop. Here’s some good advice from Mogul Mom about why blogging business is a good idea:

Blogging Your Brand. Should You Do It?

4. Love me some White Hot Truth! If you’re considering a leap (and as small business owners, aren’t we always?!), check out this article on healthy discernment versus negative cynicism.

discerning vs. cynical

And this volume’s book of the month: The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have this book in two versions (audio and hardback) because it’s one of those texts that has something new to teach me every time I revisit it. Dr. Dyer is at his spiritual best in these pages, and it reads like an inspirational sermon. He’ll teach you how to align your mind, body, and spirit to tap into the abundant flow of Life–helping you achieve everything you want from a new partner to success and prosperity. May all your dreams come true ♥ Until next time!

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