Interview: Nice Advice from Naughty Naughty


If you haven’t met already, I would like to introduce you to Terry of Naughty Naughty Lingerie. These handmade underthings are simple, sexy, and oh-so-comfortable. I’m a huge fan of the boy shorts, which miraculously hug and hang in all the right places. From first hand experience, I have to say that this is the softest, most comfortable lingerie money can buy. Naughty Naughty has made more than 1,000 sales on Etsy and Terry has agreed to share some nice advice. Enjoy ♥

I have been him-hawing about video blogging for months, but watching the few short clips you have—I’m re-inspired to try my own. How are the Naughty Naughty video blogs working out for you?

The video blogs have been very helpful. They allow my customers to get to know me, which is important because I want them to know that I am a person not a huge company and I take pride in my work and customer satisfaction.  The videos also allow me to show them how the garments will fit and how to measure themselves. They are really useful for my customers who haven’t ever measured themselves before. I love making them and I do intend to do a VLOG for each one of my pieces. The only down side is they are time consuming, sometimes it is hard to set aside the time to make a video when I am crazy busy.

 Please describe your “zone.” What’s it like when you’re designing new lingerie?

Organized Chaos. I think every sewing room is a little crazy, but mine is beyond odd. When I lived in Atlanta, my business started growing so much that my sewing room began spilling over into my extra bedroom. When I moved back to Memphis, I gave away all my living room furniture and turn the living and dining room space into my sewing room and photography studio. My mom flipped out, she kept telling me that I would need a couch and a TV in case guests came over, but I told her that this isn’t a home it is an office with a bedroom in the back. I love have all this space to stretch out. I do not own a TV anymore and I get so much more work done without one around.

I went back to your first sale on Etsy, February 26, 2010. What that was like for you?

I was so happy I think I made the order and shipped it out the same day. Boy I wish I could do that now 🙂

Sexy Boy Shorts!

Do you sell anywhere other than Etsy?

I am in the middle of building a website, It should be up in a few weeks. It is pretty much done I just have to make time to go in and put all my products up.

You have quickly gained more than 1,000 sales. Do you feel like the more sales you have the more momentum your shop has?

Yes, people are hesitant to buy online unless they see other people raving about your stuff. The fact that I have 1,000 sales makes people more comfortable making their purchase. Getting those first few sales is the hardest part.

What is your best marketing strategy for Naughty Naughty Lingerie?

Renewing and interesting pictures. I try to renew something every hour or two but that strategy will not work unless you have some killer photos. I used to model and act in Memphis before I started my shop so I was fortunate to know some amazing photographers and gorgeous models. My friends have helped me out more than anything else.


What piece of advice would you offer somebody who is starting out on Etsy and looking for their first sale?

First make sure your product is unique. If you can find something similar to what you are making already on Etsy you will have a hard time getting off the ground. Second if you are serious about making your Etsy shop successful hire a photographer to take great eye grabbing shots of your product. Third Renew, I use an Etsy app that renews my items every time 200 people are looking at Lingerie. It is called Uncle Gravy’s Renewing Agent and you can find it under the apps on your Etsy account page. I also put a lot of treasuries together and commented on treasuries that had a lingerie theme, hoping someone would see my Avatar and go to my shop.

What resources inspire your business?

I have always been obsessed with lingerie mostly because I was so flat chested in high school…still kinda am 😉 So Victoria Secret saved me by creating the Miracle Bra in a 32AAA. The removable pads were so tiny it was ridiculous. But as I got older I  looked for something  unique and I never found a lingerie shop that wasn’t mass producing cheap crap. So I created my own line to fill the void in the market.

Low Back Camisole

What has been your proudest handmade moment?

My backless cami was the first design I drafted from scratch. So after many fails, when I finally finished one that actually looked how I wanted I was tickled pink. All the other designs up until that point were altered commercial patterns, or I just deconstructed a garment in my wardrobe and used the pieces to make a pattern. I mostly draft my own patterns now, it took me 2 or 3 days to come up with the cami pattern but I can knock out a new design pattern in about 30 min to an hour now. There is still some trial and error but it is definitely moving faster.

Yes! Love that cami, I have that too!! Thank you, Terry! It’s been provacative 🙂 Now you be nice, and go shop Naughty Naughty ♥ Until next time.

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