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Welcome to part four of my success series! It started when I asked you to research your best life: First, you made a list to help you figure out what you want. Next, you created a list of all the things you didn’t like about the way your present life is unfolding. Last week, you made note of everything you do well.

This week, you are going to map your “I Want” list from the very first assignment. By simply mapping this long list of wants, you begin to organize your plan for success. As you consider each of your desires, your priorities present themselves. As you put your distant goals further out on the map, any pressing goals will feel more surmountable.

Your Assignment this Week: Grab a blank piece of paper. Put a “you are here”-style dot right in the center of your canvas. Next, grab your  “I Want List” and get ready to move all of the items over to your Dream Map.

Just like a real map, your dreams and destinations certainly can’t be stacked all on top of one another. As you plot your destinations, you may realize some take priority over others, some are within reach, and some will take longer to achieve.

As I was doing my own Dream Map, I realized that some of my desires are way off into the future. For instance, I want to be an active senior, but that’s decades off so I’m able to put that desire way out in the corner of the map. I want to be a good wife and mother within my family—I want that all day, every day and I practically wrote it over top my “you are here” marker. As I filled up my map, I started to separate what was important to me right now from what I’d like to focus on later. For example, I want to take a family trip to New York, but not until my youngest children are a little older.

In creating your map, you will see how your goals are achievable, and that you must physically move toward them. If I wanted to travel from Pittsburgh to New York, I can’t sit down on a park bench and wonder why I’m not getting there.  

Here’s the simple formula for success: take small steps toward your goals every day. You either take those small steps, or sit on the park bench.

And you know, it seems simple but few people actively move toward their dreams. Most people are sitting on a park bench complaining about how the dreams aren’t showing up for them. Can New York show up in Pittsburgh? NO! If you want to see New York, you have to move toward it.

Have fun with this, and I’ll see you next week with a plan to help you speed up as you travel your Dream Map. All the best ♥

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