Yes! ♪ It’s the Most ♫ Wonderful Posts ♫ of the Month ♪ – Volume 3


Yes! ♪ It’s the Most ♫ Wonderful Posts ♫ of the Month ♪ for you and me in the Handmade Business.

1.  I’m kicking it off with the most awesome advice I have read this year, and it comes from Handmadeology.  I had never paid attention to Google Reader before, but when I learned that it could organize all of the blogs I read into a virtual newspaper, I was sold. This article offers step-by-step instructions for set-up.

How to Save Time with Google Reader Guest article posted by Timothy Adam

♥ And thank you to the Marketing Creativity subscribers I noticed over there! You little geniuses, why didn’t somebody tell me about it?!

2. I liked this next article (and just about everything else published over at White Hot Truth) because it tied in with my Ready Up for Change article in the goal-setting series we’re doing here.

You Can Change: A Sweeping Affirmation at White Hot Truth

3. For this next post, I first had to forgive Inc. for the unflattering article on Etsy. Thanks for highlighting the most negative 2% that you could find about the handmade business, Inc.! However, this magazine is a goldmine of information for small business, and I was not going to let one article (and one writer’s) opinion keep me away. If you add Inc. to your Google Reader, you’ll get an abundance of targeted advice like this:

How to Narrow Your Target Market by Tim Donnelley

4. This month I found the blog, Pixie Blossoms. Now, most Wonderful Posts of the Month are typically business-based, but I had to tell people about this blog. It’s candy for my eyes and I can’t get enough of the images, like this workspace that was recently featured:

Tobias Malaquias and The Craft Room by Zee. That type of visual inspiration is like a mini-vacation for the soul! Keep it coming, Pixie Blossoms ♥

The book of the month is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. If you haven’t heard all ready, this book is the secret behind that popular best seller, “The Secret.” Written in 1937, you will not believe how much of this information applies to our world today. I have been working with this book to help make changes in my life and business, and I can’t wait to share some of the ideas I have learned. This book is AMAZING, and I heard of it because many of my favorite, modern-day authors give it the credit it deserves. If you have a Kindle or Kindle App, the e-version of  Think and Grow Rich (Optimized for Kindle) is only $.89! What a cheap way to get rich!!!!!!! Until next time ♥
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