Think from the End

I’m currently re-visiting one of my favorite books, The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. It’s so good, it has a new message for me every time I pick it up! Dyer offers a phrase that I believe is one of the secrets to success: Think from the end.

When you think from the end, you imagine your task successfully completed before you begin. For instance, when I opened shop, I saw myself having 1,000 sales in my first year of business. Once my mind went there, my goal was set in stone, and I worked every day to create new paths to that destination. Creating the end result opens you up for inspiration on new and different ways of getting there; it is creative visualization at its best.

I recently suggested to all of cyber-space that Etsy sellers create an affiliate program for their shop and, as usual, it came back with mixed reviews–but everybody who commented on the idea was interested in it. End-thinkers implemented the program immediately.

However, some people think from the beginning. They quickly become overwhelmed and say, “That sounds tricky and different.” End of story. Others think from the middle and get stuck on the details: they say, “I get it, but how would the affiliates cash the reward?” They get lost in thought and eventually forget the whole thing. End of story.

End-thinkers, on the other hand, picture the process, see the customers streaming in, and clear the details along the way. In fact, end-thinkers hurdle the new idea, and are imagining what it might lead to next before they’ve even implemented it. They say, “I get it! An affiliate program would mean hundreds of new customers and increased word-of-mouth promotion! Yes, I’m doing it!”

For those of you not thinking from the end, I leave you with some common obstacles:

1. Your ideas about success might be holding you back. Listen to your inner dialogue: do your thoughts strengthen you, or weaken you? When you have a new idea, do you think, “I would be so good at that!” or rather, “I don’t know if I’m good enough.” Successful people believe they are worthy of success. They think with courage and believe in themselves.

2. Fear or Doubt. This is an extension of the above obstacle. In business, you must challenge your fears! What’s the worst thing that could happen if you started making small changes toward big dreams? Make a habit of replying to your fears. If you get a scary thought, answer that fear-based thinking with this reply: “Don’t worry, I’ll be OK. I can do this!”  Fearful thoughts are an attempt to keep you “safe” or “comfortable.” Comfort zones do not exist in an extraordinary life! You have to stretch your boundaries to grow.

4. Strive for new obstacles and embrace failure! Once you hurdle your current set of obstacles, it’s already time to seek new ones. Whether you have succeeded or failed, you’ve learned a new lesson–time to go apply it to new things.

5. Imagine the success every opportunity might create. This means to never get stuck in beginning- or middle-thinking. See everything you do as a seed you are planting for success. I write this blog as a seed toward my next book. I renew my Etsy shop listings as a seed toward new customers. I post a discount on Facebook as a seed toward another sale. You have an unlimited number of these seeds, always be on the look-out for new places to plant them.

Wishing you much success! Until next time, Lisa


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