Heartsy.me: A Groupon-like site for Etsy

I stumbled upon Heartsy.me when it popped up alongside my Facebook profile. The advertisement said 50% off Handmade Jewelry, and I couldn’t resist. I clicked through to find an Etsy seller featured and I was immediately intrigued! Heartsy.me was advertising gift certificates at 50% off face value.

I was suspicious at first, but if someone is starting up a Groupon-style site for Etsy, I wanted in on the ground level. I submitted my shop information immediately as I continued to click around. I was selected for feature and contacted within the day by a representative at Heartsy who explained how the deal works.

Once you’re selected as a featured seller, you create and submit 25 gift certificates at a dollar amount (I created $40 certificates). Then, Heartsy buys those gift certificates at half price. They pay upfront before wiring up or promoting your offer and then they re-sell those certificates to their members. Your shop honors each gift certificate as it comes through your online storefront, adjusting any balances that might have run over the original gift certificate amount via Paypal invoices.

I contacted the seller on Etsy who was featured when I discovered Heartsy, and she had wonderful things to say about her experience. She was paid in full and the offers led to many additional sales. Not only that, with all the advertising Heartsy is doing, her shop got incredible exposure.

To test this new program even further, I purchased a special from the seller who was featured right before me. The transaction went smoothly, and my $50 gift certificate was honored after I only paid $25 through Heartsy!

You might be wondering, what’s the catch? Currently, Heartsy’s services are free, but that won’t last very long. The site is brand-spanking new, and lacking a line-up of featured sellers.  My contact at Heartsy tells me that there will be a transaction fee in the near future as the program grows.

The Energy Shop is the current feature, but it won’t be for much longer as gift certificates are going fast. Check out Heartsy.me for yourself! Until next time.



  1. You’ve inspired me to try it. I don’t totally get it, but if everyone who did it said it was worth it, then I’ll bite. I’m hoping people stay suspicious so I get picked! So, overall, you would say do it? Did you lose money, or make money overall? Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

    • Hi, Amy! I’m going to create a post when the entire deal is complete (and all 25 customers have checked out with their gift certificates) explaining the end result–including stats and sales. Stay tuned ♥

  2. Hi,
    Curious – did you include the shipping costs in the total?

  3. I just started a similar website. My fees will be VERY minimal; FREE for now…

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