Marketing Creativity is Now on Etsy!

Market Your Creativity is this blog’s new Etsy storefront. I recently reached my Energy Shop sales goal of 1,000 sales and counting in its first year of business (in a saturated market, no less), and I am bursting with ideas to share.  You can find most of those ideas here at the Marketing Creativity blog and some strategy-based articles on my team posts at Handmadeology.

But lately, I have been working on some kick-@$$ content for my new line of e-books. It is so specific to online sellers (etsy, artfire, 1,000markets, etc.), that it’s as good and juicy as any hour-long business coaching session could ever be.

As readers and subscribers to this blog, I would like to offer you 50% off the first item available in the shop. In fact, as readers and subscribers, you will get an early discount on all upcoming products as well. When you check-out with your first mini-e-book, How to Convert Item Views to Items Sold!, use the code: readersdiscount for half off the listing price.

Let’s Get Busy With It! Thanks for reading ♥

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