Everybody’s Plotting to Support Me

“I’ve always been the opposite of paranoid. I operate as if everyone is a part of a plot to enhance my well-being.”—Stan Dale

I have a super power and you might have it, too: I can read other people’s minds.  For example and just last night, my husband walked into the kitchen (where I was working) and headed straight to the refrigerator—without so much as a glance in my direction.

So, I read his mind. When he didn’t acknowledge me sitting in the room, my super power told me that my husband must have a problem with me. I thought to myself, what the heck’s his problem? And suddenly, I had a problem with him.

Never mind that he could’ve been really thirsty, my super powers don’t lie. I had to get to the bottom of it, so I went looking, only to find him in the next room playing with the children. When I walked in, he looked up at me, smiled and said, “Hey, babe.”

It turns out that I don’t have super powers after all! My husband never had a problem with me, and I got mad because I believed a negative story that my imagination told me!

Well, that misconstrued exchange happened with two people in the same room. Now just imagine what can happen when you have a small crafting business in a world of email, online orders, and social networking. Think about what you tell yourself when you don’t hear back from someone right away—only to realize that they’re only sitting somewhere else, minding their own business.

As it turns out, our thinking minds aren’t always working in our best interests. Sometimes our imaginations trick us with negative stories and predictions.  Have you ever wanted to ask someone something, but stopped yourself because you were sure the answer would be “no.”?

Well, I have officially decided to train my brain in a new direction. I’m taking a cue from Stan Dale’s quote above.  I have determined that there is a conspiracy afoot: the whole world is plotting to support me. You’re doing it right now—as you read this—you’re sending me positive thoughts and well wishes, I just know it! The next person that I ask for help is going to be tickled pink and bend over backwards to work with me. And then, people everywhere are going to start recommending my shop and promoting my blog!

This new conspiracy feels good! Now I can stop clenching to the idea that this all has to work out, because no brain of mine is telling me otherwise. I can relax and enjoy this time in my life. I can realize that I’m doing something that I love every day. I can recognize that I spring out of bed each morning because I can’t wait to get started. I can be grateful, instead of worried, because the world is out there working toward my good right now. So, thank you!

Join the conspiracy on Facebook and Twitter 🙂 And let’s start the same conspiracy for the good of you!

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  1. What is so very brilliant about this is that we do this to ourselves. We sit and spin a web of imaginary faults and fissures in the relationships that we have whether they are virtual or face to face. I think that this is a very positive why of dealing with your own propensity to imagine the very worst by picturing the very best! And I know that these things have a way of manifesting themselves in our lives if we back our intentions with actions. See? You are already on your way to having others support you. I do!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Love this post! The title, I am sad to say, was hard to read at first. I almost misread it when you restated it later in the post! It is so natural to think the negative. This is shameful, since I believe very much in positive thinking after reading Shad Helmstetter’s book “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.” It is so easy to slip into bad habits of thinking!

    All of your posts are great and so informative as well as inspirational. I hope to incorporate some of your tips into a future etsy business or two. 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to share with others. I look forward to reading more. I wish your business the best of success this year!!

  3. Great article! Great approach and great thinking! I am supporting you 🙂 and will share a link to this page on our Facebook page.

  4. Another great post and I love it. I too – hate to admit – can get drawn into that imaginative world of assuming the other person is having a problem with me, etc. Great reminder of keeping it all in perspective and keep it positive. Sending well wishes!

  5. Love, love, love this article! I’m naturally a positive thinking, glass-half-full kind of girl– but this article made me laugh out loud and encouraged me to think even MORE positively!!! I had to share it on my Facebook page too. Great way to start the day– thank you!

  6. My favorite part: “I can relax and enjoy this time in my life.” A mantra to live by everyday! Thanks for the true inspiration!

  7. You did a fantastic job getting a sensitive and sometimes damaging point across. That for taking the time to share! (I heard about this article thru the grapevine)

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